Get started with the Consent Feature

Securing all your digital assets consisting people or people information is handled in alignment with GDPR is increasingly harder the more digital we get. Qbank have therefore a feature developed to simplify the process.

During the years we have met several different ways of handling GDPR on digital assets, and mostly it comes with a sigh and a lot of paperwork. Therefore we developed the Consent feature that digitalizes the digital rights management process and secures that the consent of using an image is stored together with the asset within QBank. This enables better control of the use of digital assets consisting persons or personal information. 

Learn more about DRM, Digital rights management in our blog post.

NOTE: The Consent feature is an add on to your existing Qbank, please contact your Sales representative for further demonstration and more information.

The feature gives you a possibility tag people in the assets, set expiration date of when the assets are no longer allowed to be used and allows automations to make the job with privacy much smarter and faster for your organization. 

REMEMBER: QBank is only a tool that simplifies the process. QBank can not stop you from using not approved assets, but will guide you in managing them more correctly. 

This article will give you an introduction to the features of the Consent Process in QBank and link to articles that will help you get started using the feature.  

If you have any questions or wonderings about the feature don't hesitate to contact the QBank support. The feature is under constant improvement so please let us know if you have any ideas of improvement!