Create consent via the QR code

Using the QR code for gathering consent can be a great feature to use in context of events or other gatherings where many people will attend.

Instead of pre-creating consent people one by one you could share a QR code instead where the people themselves create a consent person in QBank. For example, you can help the photographer by providing him with a QR code link that he uses to collect consent beforehand. The consent can later be used for tagging media in QBank to secure the media is used correctly in alignment with GDPR.  

A QR code is connected to a Legal term and the link is collected from the section "Legal terms" in the consent menu under administration. You can connect a consent to an exiting Legal term eg an Upload consent, or you can create a specific legal term for each specific event/situation. You can create as many Legal Terms as you need. 

NOTE: You need to be an administrator to be able to manage following parts of the consent feature. 

How you get the link for the QR code?

To get the link for the QR code, proceed with below steps:

  1. Go to Administration -> Consent -> Legal terms
  2. Select the Legal term you want to use
  3. Click “Generate QR code” button,
  4. You will get a link on your clipboard that can be shared directly to an external user or to a Photographer or similar for further use. 

Using the QR code

The link shared contains a QR code. The user can scan the QR code or click the link to approve the requested consent. 

The user is first asked to fill the mandatory name, email address fields and select the checkbox to consent. After submission a consent person is created and upload consent is available under the person information in QBank.

You can now use the uploaded consent when tagging media