Media consent - Request consent on existing media in QBank

There are different ways to request consent for your assets. Media consent is when you request consent on already uploaded assets in QBank.

The consent is requested by sending an email to the persons appearing in the selected asset(s). You can choose between tagging person by creating a manual face box or Automatic face boundary box or add people when sending the request email without active tagging. 

NOTE: The persons you want to tag need to have been created as consent persons before they can be tagged or consent request can be sent to them

How to send a media consent request:

  1. Select one or multiple approved media(s) from the Library 

    NOTE: You can choose max 50 media in one batch for this type of consent request. If you need more, we recommend using Upload consent request instead. 

  2. Click the button from the top toolbar menu OR right click the mouse button and select “Consent request for media” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Fill in the remaining information in the request pop up window.
    • Select recipients* (emails are automatically fetched from tagged person, you can also add email address manually)
    • Email intro (Intro message to recipients)
    • Select legal terms* (Select which legal terms should be used for the media consent request)
    • Email outro (Outro message to recipients)
    • Media(s)* (Review attached media to request)
    • Expire date* (Select date when consent expires: default is 1 year from request date)
    • Select request type* (Currently QBank supports only email)

      Screenshot 2022-12-28 at 14.40.13
      Screenshot 2022-12-28 at 14.40.24
  4. Click the “Send request” button