March 2023 - New articles in QBank Knowledge Base

Our goal is to establish a comprehensive knowledge base for all QBank users, and part of that goal includes regularly adding new articles each month. However, it can be difficult to keep track of what content is fresh and what isn't.

To help you out we've compiled a list of all the new articles created during March 2023

  • AWS became a hot topic during March as we were progressing on our move there. Therefore we added an basic FAQ article about our move there:
    We are moving to AWS
  • In March, we conducted a user webinar to recap the latest developments in QBank during Q1. In addition to creating a page for reviewing the webinar, we also published two new articles that focused on two of the features discussed during the presentation.

User webinar: QBank Q1 2023 summary

How to export all users from QBank

How QBank can help you change colors of your .svg icons

  • During the transition to our new Knowledge Base and the subsequent restructuring of our articles, we realized that several basic introductions to QBank were missing for our new users. As a result, we created a new article that provides a fundamental overview of QBank and its core functionalities.

    QBank Overview and core functionality

  • QBank has virtually no limitations, and we can achieve almost anything with it. When we require an additional feature that is not already present in QBank as a standard feature, we typically develop a plugin to fulfill that need.

    We have now launched a documentation initiative that highlights our most used plugins and their potential use cases, which can be easily integrated into your QBank.

    First out:

    Search Result Highlighter plugin