We are moving to AWS!

To maintain our position as a competitive and strong DAM provider, we have decided to transition to the cloud, specifically AWS, which will help us stay ahead of the game. We are thrilled to share that this journey has already commenced.

As a global DAM provider with high security and privacy demands, we have chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our cloud platform. AWS is one of the largest cloud providers in the world and is best suited to meet QBank's needs and future product vision. 

Why are you moving to the cloud? 

Our move to the cloud is driven by our commitment to building the best possible product for YOU! By leveraging cloud technology, we will have greater scalability and create a more stable and high-performing DAM. The AWS move will improve speed and eliminate the issues related to performance.

The AWS move will make the product more stable and perform better, but also to be more reliable than it is today.

Some of the benefits the move will result in:

  • AWS's services will allow QBank to scale in real-time based on usage, resulting in improved performance during periods of high traffic.
  • The automation-focused design of AWS will allow us to connect to Cloud Services via APIs using our own tools, or leverage existing tools offered by the Cloud Platform.
  • The possibility of a microservice based architecture will lead to fewer bugs and a more stable product.
  • The comprehensive and standardized offerings of AWS will enable us to implement new technologies and features at a much faster pace, thereby improving the product at a higher rate than is currently possible.
  • AWS enables us to encrypting data both in transit and at rest, for both asset storage and databases, resulting in significantly increased security.

Why AWS and not another cloud provider?

We ultimately opted for AWS after conducting a thorough comparison of different cloud platforms. We had several reasons for making this decision to choose AWS:

  • AWS provided an excellent collaborative setup over an extended period, ensuring that we build the best possible platform for QBank
  • Their pricing model provided a stable basis for reasonable pricing for you, as a customer
  • With its excellent core functionalities, AWS enables business velocity, allowing the team to concentrate on continuous improvement and innovation in QBank's design and features

When will the move to AWS take place? 

The plan is to start and execute the move in Q1, aiming to transition most of our QBank customers before the end of April. However, we prioritize a safe move over speed and will not rush the process if we encounter any challenges. We will keep everyone informed throughout the journey.

Will the move interfere with my day-to-day work? 

We are planning and executing the move in a manner that minimizes any impact on your daily work. However, if you have a more complex QBank setup the QBank Team will be in close contact with you to ensure a smooth transition, with all integrations closely monitored.

The data, will it be safe?

This is of highest priority to us and we know you have strict GDPR processes you need to follow. Your data will be safe with us and in all circumstances stored and remain within the EU/EES and follow GDPR law. 

For managing the encryption key to the encrypted information, we will use the AWS KMS (Key Management Service) solution with Customer Managed Keys. Meaning the encryption of the keys takes place within the EU and is exclusively managed by QBNK.

You can read more about the KMS here:


AWS KMS Customer Managed Keys

What improvements will I see after the move?

The improvements will come in different phases.

  • During the first phase, you will primarily notice a more stable and faster QBank. The main improvements will be in the better scalability during high-usage periods, reducing queue-related challenges.
  • In the second phase, the team will focus on improving QBank functionalities and optimizing them to fit with AWS and its pre-built technologies. This will result in a noticeable improvement in performance.
  • In the third phase and beyond, the focus will be on enhancing the product and its architecture to make QBank highly scalable and easily integrated into all parts of your organization, making it the central hub for all your digital assets.

Further assistance?

We understand that this move may raise questions for you. To ensure a seamless transition to AWS, without interrupting your daily work, the QBank team is working in close partnership with AWS. We understand that QBank is a critical tool for you, and we aim to minimize any potential disruptions.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, our team is here to support and guide you through this transition. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager or Support for assistance.