Examples of integrations QBank offer

Integrating QBank to your other Business systems can significantly improve efficiency. An integration offers your users to get access to your assets from within the tool they work in without any extra work.

Qbank offers a wide range of connectors and integrations with tools within your whole organization with the purpose of increasing efficiency and value for your business and end users.  

Following areas are the most common areas to add a connector to QBank, But through our API you can actually integrate to any system. 

Connect your CMS/CXM

You can integrate QBank with your CMS/DXP to optimize your website operations.
The connection gives your team the possibility to find the right assets directly from your CMS. You can more easily ensure brand consistency and save time with automated workflows and streamlined content operations. Read more about the business benefits of integration to your CMS on our website.

These are some of the connectors QBank offer: 

Connect your creative tools

You can use QBank as the heart of your creative content machinery, by integrating it with your content production tools like the Adobe Creative Suite. You can also integrate Office and share ready made assets and presentations to be used by your whole organization. You can read more about the business posibilities on our website.

These are some of the connectors QBank offer: 

Connect your Social Media

QBank can help you advanced your Social Media Publishing Solutions by providing a dynamic interactions between global brands and consumers on various platforms. Read more about Social Media Publishing and how QBank can support on our website. 

These are some of the connectors QBank offer: 

  • Brandwatch ( Previously Falcon) - Read more about the integration, Installation and use 

Connect your PIM

You can optimize your product information by connecting products with accurate images and videos when publishing product information to your website or E-commerce. Read more about how a PIM connection will help your business on our website.

These are some of the connectors QBank offer: 

  • InRiver - Contact QBank to get more information
  • Struct - Contact QBank to get more information


Read more about all our integration we offer here, and don't hesitate to contact your sales representative if you would like a demo of the connector / integration. 

TIP: If we don't have an already built connector the QBank API can always be used for similar purposes.