QBank Connector for Microsoft Office, Power Point & Word

The QBank Office Add-in enables you to search and access assets stored in your QBank DAM and add them to Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation and Microsoft Word documents.

This article provides an overview and explains how to install and use the QBank for Office Connector.

QBank Office Add-in features:

  • Import images, powerpoint slides etc to active presentation
  • Free text, Folder and categorised search.
  • Search results with thumbnails.
  • Project folders with easy-to-use access control


Setting up the QBank for Office Connector is straightforward - just run the setup program you have been provided with by QBank. The connection details for your QBank installation are embedded in the setup file, so after installing, you are ready to go.

Please note that if you are not allowed to install programs on your computer, you may need to get in touch with your local IT support to have them install the program for you.

Using the Connector

After installing the connector, you will notice a new tab and ribbon within both PowerPoint and Word (A), as well as the Mediapicker (B). The functionality is identical whether you are using PowerPoint or Word.


Finding the Images

Click the fold-out menu (C) to see folders and categories. Click any folder name or asset category and the media picker will show only the content within. If you know what image you are searching for, enter the search criteria in the search box (D) and hit the Search button.

Placing Images

When hovering over an image you will see a menu with three options: View, Crop and Use as shown in the following screenshot. If you want to use the image as it is, just click "Use" - the image will be placed onto your slide. If you however want to use only a part of the image, click Crop. For more information about the image, click View.

Import Powerpoint Presentations

You can also import slides from Powerpoint presentations OR import it as a new presentation or Edit as a template from QBank Library. When you click 'Use' on a powerpoint presentation in Media picker, you will see the following menu with options to import slides, Open as new presentation. and Edit template.