QBank connector for Wordpress

The QBank Connector for Wordpress allow content editors to easily access and publish approved asset without leaving the authoring environment, while delivering the assets in a web optimised format.

Installing the connector

Follow these steps to install the connector for Wordpress 


  1. Download the Plugin from https://wordpress.org/plugins/qbank-dam-connector/ or Install it directly through Add Plugins in Wordpress.
  2. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/qbank-dam-connector directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  4. Use the Settings->QBank Connector to configure the plugin.

To get started using the plugin you will need your client specific connection details, which will be provided when you license the plugin. 

Host QBank name.qbank.se
Base href https://name.qbank.se
Client ID 174c4eq286ff9e50b67c129b0a54e55f03070002
Username (provided-by-QBank)
Password (provided-by-QBank)
Deployment Site ID (provided-by-QBank)
Session source ID (provided-by-QBank)
Disable file uploads  
Download imported files  
Remote URL file prefix (external URL)
Default image size 1000
Default image extension  
Image caption name QBank property System name
Image description name QBank property System name
Save additional meta fields Comma separated QBank property System name


Launching the QBank Connector

Block Editor

  • Go to the page you wish to edit (under “pages” in the sidebar menu).
  • To add an image, click the '+' sign to add an 'Image' or 'Gallery' Block. In case of Image block, the following three option is provided to choose the image from.
  • Click on the Media Library. Here you can see all the images already uploaded to Wordpress. There you will see a tab 'QBank Connector'.

Classic Editor

  • Go to the page you wish to edit (under “pages” in the sidebar menu).
  • Click on 'Add Media' button at the top. It will open the 'Add Media' Window Dialog. There you will see a tab 'QBank Connector'.

Using the connector

  • Click on the QBank Connector Tab to see all the Qbank images. 
  • Here you will see all the Qbank images. Select your image by double clicking on it, or hovering over the “+”-sign and select “view”.

  • Now you will see the image and all its details. You can also choose to crop the image.
  • Click on  to import the image to Wordpress. 
  • Go back to the “Media Library” tab and select your image by clicking on it. To insert the image into the page please select the image and  click Screenshot_2021-10-08_at_13.18.14.png

WARNING: The Wordpress Media Library doesn't refresh automatically so if you don't see the image, please re-open the Media Library.

How to apply a “Featured image”

  • Click on  “Set featured image” located in the right column in the editor.
  • Click on “QBank Connector” in the menu and select the image you want to upload by either double clicking on it or hovering over the “+”-sign and selecting “view”.
  • Click on “use image” and wait for few seconds.
  • Click on “Media Library”. Your image should be visible there now.
  • Select the image by clicking on it and click on “Set featured image” to insert it.
    You have now set your Featured image!