April 2023 - New articles in QBank Knowledge Base

What a great month for our Knowledge Base! We have added a lot of new articles, particularly focused on templates and how to use them effectively. Additionally, there are new introductions to various topics that we think you'll find useful.

What news do we have for you this month?

  • This month, we have placed a strong emphasis on templates, which was also the focus of our recent webinar. As we began planning and researching, we realized that there was a lot of fundamental information missing about templates, so we made it our mission to provide you with a solid understanding of how they work and how to use them effectively. 
  • In addition to our focus on templates, we have started creating a series of helpful articles for you to get a head start on common formats used in social media, office, websites, e-commerce, and more. These articles aim to provide you with advice and best practice commands to help you get started quickly and efficiently.
  • We also added an article about a relatively new function in QBank allowing you to create filter Moodboards, here you can read how you can get started with them! 
  • We have also continued with the documentation of our plugins, adding information about our AutoExpireDate plugin that can help you secure all uploaded assets gets a dynamic expiration data to help you better keep track of your assets.