Summary of October release highlight

The introduction of the new UI was the highlight of our October updates, but we also have several other significant developments to share with you.

The team dedicated a lot of time to the release of the new UI, marking a significant milestone we had eagerly looked forward to. This fresh interface represents our initial step towards enhancing and future-proofing QBank, setting the stage for further advancements.

  • Our team has made it possible for you, our valued customers, to easily switch to the new UI whenever you're ready. We have provided detailed instructions in this article on how to enable the new UI.

The team has also enhanced our connector window by allocating more room to the search function and streamlining the interface to display just the magnifying glass icon, thereby simplifying user interaction.

We have also been making ongoing improvements to our connectors:

  • We have done updates to our connectors for Optimizely versions 11 and 12.
  • During October the team continued to develop our new Templafy Hive connector with new functionelities. Please feel free to let us know if you would like to learn more about this connector and how it can benefit your organization, contact our support!

The team has also identified and solved some bugs during this month:

  • We encountered an issue with the display of PowerPoint thumbnails upon upload, particularly when the presentations were created using alternative tools like Google Slides. Our team has enhanced QBank's ability to recognize these files, ensuring the correct thumbnails are generated and displayed.
  • The comment section within the moodboards was not operating as intended. Prompt action has been taken to fix this, and it is now back to full functionality.
  • An issue was identified with the 'number' property type, which failed to function correctly with decimal numbers. This bug has been addressed and resolved.
  • We faced challenges concerning search results related to hierarchical properties. The team has effectively tackled this problem, ensuring more accurate search outcomes.
  • A specific problem was noted with '.eps' file types, where the thumbnail incorrectly appeared blue. This issue has also been corrected.