Summary of November Release Highlights

Once again, we have made significant improvements to QBank, both in the background and some that you might find valuable.

Improvements in our Consent feature

We have made significant efforts to gather feedback from our users regarding our consent feature. As a result, we are pleased to announce that we have released two improvements to the feature during the month of November.

  • Consent Expire Date: Previously, users found it challenging to locate the Expire date for the consent associated with an asset. In response to user feedback, we have implemented three new enhancements that provide increased visibility of when an asset's consent expires..
    • On a consent person, the consent associated with an individual is displayed on their consent profile. We have added the expiry date to the list, which will assist you in maintaining better control over when a consent expires.
    • The Expire date is also included in the Overview Tab, providing a comprehensive overview of when an asset's consent expires.
    • Additionally, in the consent metadata of an Asset, users now have the ability to view the expiration date of a consent.

  • New filter option: Legal Terms: We have also introduced a new filter option to the consent feature, allowing you to filter assets based on the legal terms associated with their consent. This feature will greatly assist you in locating assets that adhere to specific rules, facilitating better consent management and ensuring the proper use of assets.

Added functionality to our Templates

We have also enhanced our templates with two new features. We have introduced a new mimetype, AVIF, specifically for Images and enhanced the functionality related to SVG-files. 

  • We're thrilled to introduce the AV1 Image File Format (AVIF) as a new MIME type for our image templates. This update is part of our ongoing effort to incorporate the latest technology for enhanced performance. Read more about the AVIF format if you are interested to know more.  
  • We have also implemented a new feature that allows you to change the background in SVG files using a command called SVG Mask. This command can be extremely helpful if you have multiple icons that require similar adjustments, saving you a significant amount of time. To help you understand how this new command works, we have created a comprehensive knowledge base guide.. 

Improve statistics on grouped Media

We have also made enhancements to the statistics associated with grouped media. Previously, the statistics for the children of a grouped media were not connected to the parent's media statistics. However, we have now improved this by consolidating the statistics of a grouped set of images.

When you check the media statistics for an asset with grouped media attached, you will now see the statistics for the children included in the list. These statistics provide insights into the lifetime statistics of the media.

Moving our support

During November, we have also migrated our support to the new support tool, Hubspot. As a result, we have also introduced a new form in your QBank, enabling you to easily connect with us for any inquiries about your QBank. You can access the new form in your top meny, under the Question mark.