Summary of March releases

This March, QBank continued to evolve with exciting developments and enhancements, focusing on improving user experience, consent management, and API functionality.

User experience enhancements to our consent feature:

This month the focus has been on enhancing the (end) user experience of the consent feature.

  • Branding of landning page: Users can now brand the landing page for consents, adding a personalized touch with their company logo and colors. This enhancement not only strengthens brand identity but also makes the consent process more engaging for users.
    Learn how: Customize your consent landing page
  • Custom email template for consent: A new email template for the consent feature has been created, with a layout that matches the settings of the consent landing page. This change allows the user to manage the text used in the consent request. This consistency ensures a cohesive user experience from email to consent action.
    Learn how: Customize your consent email template 

We have improved our API:

  • A new API endpoint has been introduced, allowing users to retrieve counts on multiple filters in a single request. This feature is a significant improvement, providing more flexibility and efficiency in data management. Are you interested to know more, contact our support team.

UI/UX Improvements of QBank:

  • The upload prompt: The upload section of the upload form can now be minimized, offering more space for property details and making the interface cleaner and more user-friendly.
  • The filtering: The filter boxes have been standardized in size, creating a symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing user interface that enhances overall usability. 

We have also Resolved some general Issues:

We have addressed a number of issues reported by our customers, further improving the stability and usability of QBank:

  • Error message: Resolved an issue where an error message appeared when attempting to remove an asset published to a publishing site.
  • Video publication: Fixed a bug that prevented the publication of short videos with "Include video preview" selected (Version 5.11.0).
  • Moodboards: Addressed selection issues with some moodboard templates, ensuring smooth functionality.
  • Video preview: Corrected a problem with changing video previews to enhance content management 
  • Video templates: Fixed a crash caused by the logotype command in the video template during download.
  • Image template: The trim command for image templates has been updated to match the video template command, streamlining the editing process. 

Link to our external release reports included in this summary:

What´s up next? 

Upcoming Features: What to Expect in our Future Releases:

  • QBank is allocating additional resources towards UX/UI enhancements, with a focus on enhancing the platform's interface and user interaction. The upcoming improvements will concentrate on optimizing how properties are displayed in editing mode to enhance the user experience while working with tagging.
  • We are expanding QBank's capabilities by introducing dynamic transformative formats for eg. webpages. This feature is a separate module that can easily be integrated into your QBank platform.  
  • We are enhancing our moodboards by allowing video templates as downloadable options and adding the functionality to specify categories that can be selected during moodboard uploads.
Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continue to improve QBank, ensuring it remains the go-to solution for digital asset management.