How you approve assets in QBank

After uploading assets without approval they end up under your upload Tab. This is a parking lot giving you a chance to secure naming and tagging before making an asset available for use in the Library.

An asset in QBank needs to be approved in order to be used or distributed to other publishing channels. 

This is how you approve an asset in the Upload tab

After you have secured your uploaded assets have been tagged with the right metadata you can approve the asset(s) to be further used by the organization. 

Select the assets you want to approve and press the Approve button or right click and chose Approve. An approved asset will show up under the Library Tab and is ready to be used further. 


If you have several people uploading assets to QBank and you only are responisble for approving some of the assets. Using filters is a great way to find the assets your ar responsible for approving. 

You can for example use following filters to find the right assets: 

  • Uploaded By - If the uploader is a Colleague with QBank account you can filter by the name of the uploader.
  • Moodboard - If the assets are uploaded through a moodboard you can filter on that specific moodboard
  • Uploaded - You can pick a date, before or after a certain date or a dynamic search as 2 week to find the relevant assets for approval. 

Possible dublicate


When uploading your assets in QBank you might find that an asset has the orange triangle. That means that there is a duplicate of this asset in your QBank Library. Here you can learn how you can remove an duplicate.