How to download assets from QBank

Downloading assets from QBank is easy and offers many possibilities. This article explains the different possibilities you have for downloading.

As QBank aims to be your single source of truth of all your digital assets it is very important to easily download assets for use in different parts of the organization. 

This article covers the download possibilities within QBank but of course Qbank also offers other options, eg. Downloading through Moodboards for external users, sharing assets for download on external mediaportals or integrations directly to receiving tools. 

How you download assets  in QBank

You can select one or many assets within QBank for downloading. Select one or mark several assets and click the Download button in the menu. 


You can select the format you would like to use by choosing one of the templates available, or choose to download the file(s) in it's original format.  

If you have selected multiple assets, the files will be combined into a zip-file before it is downloaded. when downloading several assets at the same time you can easily change the name of the files to follow a naming pattern of your choice. Learn more about naming conventions on batch download assets.