How to customize filenames when downloading a batch of assets

Sometimes when downloading several assets at the same time you might want to set your own filename pattern, this how it can be done

When you select a  batch of assets in QBank library for downloading there is a pop-up modal where you can customize your naming pattern on the assets. 

All assets have the original filename when downloading. If you want to change that default settings you need to change the naming pattern in the pop-up, see below steps. 



This is how you can change the naming pattern

  1. Select assets you like to download in a batch in the Library
  2. Navigate the Download icon in the upper right corner of your QBank
  3. Rename the pattern in the text field, for instance, Holidays.<extension> 
  4. Click Confirm, you are done! 

You can replace <filename> with any desired name you want to or another metadata of those assets. You can click on Read more about naming patterns to learn more about it.  For instance, you would like to customize all assets to the specific name Holidays, you will write in the field:Holidays.<extension> 

It is important that you keep <extension> at the end of the field. Because It recognizes which format for each asset by its <extension>, such as; jpg, png, pdf, docx, etc.


How you can go back to default settings:

1. Paste <filename>.<extension> in the text field and press confirm.