Get started with QBank Connectors

When adding a QBank connector there are a few steps needed to be taken to get started.

Using the connector is a two step procedure. First, you initialize the "QBankConnector" object, which receives the basic configuration that applies to all connector windows that can be opened later on. The QBankConnector object is then used to create new "[media/folder/moodboard]Picker" windows, which have their own configuration options, so different modules in your system can have their respective tailored version of QBank connector.

The importance of the API user

The API user used to authenticate the QBank connector will dictate much of the functionality available based on the user's access. Regardless if certain functions are "on" in the configuration, the user access will always take priority and hide functions that are not available. This also applies to all types of listing objects like folders, categories, moodboards and media. This retains some control for the QBank administrator to control the content of connectors without having to update external configurations.

Retrieving the JavaScript file

The JS should be retrieved through the respective QBank host at for example:


Even if the QBank is not hosted at, the /connector/ path remains the same.