Administering the Consent feature

The consent feature is managed under the Administrator Tab in your QBank. This is where you can mange the people and the legal terms of your consent handling.

NOTE: You need to be an administrator to be able to manage following parts of the consent feature. 

To manage the configurations of the consent feature visit the Administrator Tab in your QBank. When the consent feature is activated in your QBank you will have a new option in your left menu named Consent

Under the consent menu you will get following options to manage 


General information from a media perspective is provided in the overview section. Easily access the quick statistics on the top of the page or get a deeper view on each consent record for the media at the bottom part of the page. 

You can resend, remove or withdraw a consent for media in this page.


These identities are required to represent the basic details about a person that can then be connected to one or many different types of consent records.

All the activities, including person updating, in regards to consent, possibility to send the upload consent and all upload consents for each person could be found in this page.

There are 3 ways to create new consent person for the consent:

  1. You can add a new person from the Admin page - Consent --> People
  2. You can add one of already existing QBank users from their User profile under the admin Page
  3. Send the upload consent using QR code link functionality.

All active persons will appear in a list when tagging.

Legal Terms

Legal terms are connected to each consent created in QBank. You can create any amount of legal term templates to fit various consent requirements. When a person gives consent, the terms consented to are stamped onto the consent record and cannot be changed later.

There is one standard legal term which is created by default, but you can create as many legal terms as needed by clicking “Add new” and filling in the information:

  • Title* (Name of the legal terms template)
  • Terms* (Legal terms information text)
  • Default (If checked, particular legal terms becomes a default selection upon consent request)

After creating a legal term you will have a possibility to generate QR code link for it.

CAUTION: Once you generate a QR code link, it is not possible to edit that corresponding legal term.