The Custom sorting plugin

QBank Custom sorting add-on allows you to manually order your assets in a moodboard or in your folders. The Plugin also enables you to change the order of your folders to better fit your needs.

There are as mentioned two ways this plugin can benefit your work. 

1. If you have a moodboard where you wold yourself decide the order of the assets. If not used, and as standard, assets are ordered by latest updated or  highest Media rating . This plugin allows you through drag and drop to order your assets the way you like. 

2. The plugin also allows you to change the order of your folder structure. The standard order here is alphabetical, but with this plugin you are allowed to change the order to best fit your needs. 

NOTE: This is an add-on feature that can be implemented in your current QBank solution plan. If you are interested in this feature contact your Sales representative. 

How you use the custom sorting plugin on moodboards

  1. Go to any Moodboard of yours in your QBank

  2. Click on Enable sorting

  3. Rearrange your assets the way you intend to

  4. Click on Save sort order


  5. Your new custom order is now saved and available for everyone on this Moodboard.

How you use the custom sorting plugin for your folders

You can also change the order in your folder structure. 

  1. To change the order of the root folder, Click the arrow after Folder in the meny and click sort

    Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 08.30.50
  2. A new prompt window is shown where you can change the order through drag and drop, when done, click Sort 

    Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 08.31.00
  3. If you want to change the order within a folder, instead right click the folder and pick Sort. The same Prompt is shown and you can follow the same procedure as above.


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