QBank can offer a strong Password Policy

By default, QBank only enforces a minimum length on account passwords. QBank is however fully capable of supporting common password requirements.

Getting started enabling common password requirements you must activate this in your QBank.  After activating the password policy in your QBank, you can define the following requirements for your use of passwords:

  • Minimum and maximum length
  • Minimum and maximum age, i.e. the minimum duration a password must be used before you can change it, as well as the maximum duration a password can be used before you have to change it
  • Character types, make sure a password contains at least one lower case/upper case/number/special character
  • Prevent reuse, i.e. make sure a user can not use one of her last X passwords
  • Prevent use of personal information in the passwords, for example name, username, email etc.
  • Blacklist words, for example the company name, common passwords "qwerty123", etc.

The password policy also controls how many times a user may attempt logins and fail before the account is locked, either permanently or with a cooldown period. 

This functionality is found under the Administrator Tab - Accounts --> Security --> Password policy.

If this option is not visible for you please contact QBank support and we will help you!