Introduction to Categories

When uploading assets to QBank, you must choose a Category that the asset will belong to. An asset can only belong to one category and the category you choose decides what kind of properties you can tag the asset with.

Examples of good category names “Images”, “Videos”, “Documents”, “Brand Material”. Category names should not be too specific, try to keep them as general as possible. 

You can choose to change the category of an asset later on. You can also create a new category in QBank

NOTE: Access given to the asset is based on the access on the category it was uploaded to; changing a category later on will not change the access on the asset.

That goes for changing the access to the category itself as well. When a media is created it inherits the access set by the category at that moment in time. After that access is set on the media.

There is however a button called "Restore accesses" when setting the access for a category. Clicking that will show a prompt about changing the access for all media in that category, overwriting the existing access for each one.