How you delete a moodboard

It is simple to delete a Moodboard.  And all assets in that Moodboard will still remain in your QBank.

When assets have been uploaded, they will be stored in your QBank where the original location is.

You can also remove only an existing folder inside a Moodboard.  The folder will not be deleted rather it is only removed from that Moodboard. 

If a moodboard is deleted, a user with appropriate access may restore it through the activity log. Read more about restoring moodboards here.

How you delete a moodbaord

  1. Select the Moodboard that you want to delete
  2. Right-click on it and choose “Delete
  3. Confirm” it again to make sure that you want to delete this Moodboard
  4. All the assets you have in that Moodboard will still remain in your QBank