Restoring a deleted folder or moodboard

When deleting a folder or a moodboard, there is no trash bin where it can be found. The activity tab can instead be used for this purpose.

When media are deleted, they are first placed in the trash bin, from where they can be restored easily.

When deleting a folder or a moodboard, there is no trash bin to find it in, so we have chosen to use the activity tab for this purpose.


In order to restore the folder or moodboard through the activity feed, you will first have to find the delete record. This will probably be easy if you know when the delete happened, or who performed it, but you may have to scan a wider range of activity if you're not certain when the delete took place.

If there's a lot of activity in your QBank, or you're unsure when the deletion occured, you will want to use the activity filters to search for "Activity: Deletes", and "Object types: Folder / Moodboard". If you know which user deleted the folder or moodboard, or when it happened, add those filters to further limit the activity results.

After you've found the folder or moodboard that you want to restore, you will notice the "Restore" option in the log entry. Simply click the restore button as well as the confirmation prompt that appears, and the folder or moodboard will be back where it was!




If you the Activity Tap isn't visible for you even with an admin role, Please contact QBank support and they will help you

A few things to keep in mind

  • Any media that were placed in the folder (as well as subfolders) or moodboard will still be connected after the container has been restored!
  • In order to restore a folder or moodboard, your user must have the appropriate access to manipulate the folder or moodboard in question, as well as the functionality to restore objects.
  • The "restore" button won't be present on the log entry if the folder or moodboard has already been restored. You will need to reload your QBank after restoring a folder or moodboard in order to see the object back in it's respective list.
  • When you delete a folder, all of it's subfolders are also deleted, regardless of what access the user might (or might not) have to them. Whenever a folder is restored, all of the subfolders that were deleted as a consequence will also be restored.
  • Restoring a folder or moodboard will not update any other properties of the object, which means that restoring a moodboard will not update it's expiration date. Therefore, you may want to find a restored moodboard to verify that it has an appropriate expiration date.