How to set up a new Property in QBank

A property is user-defined information bound to an object in QBank. Properties can be of different types. On top of that, a property can be configured to be hidden, set as read-only and marked as mandatory.

Properties can contain extra validation, like minimum number of characters for strings, a specific date range for dates or a minimum and maximum value for a number property.

The property types in QBank are:

  • Textrow
  • Text
  • Keywords
  • Dropdown
  • List
  • Date/Time
  • Number
  • Media Picker
  • Folder Picker
  • Color Picker
  • Hierarchical

Before you start creating your new properties, start with creating your property sets.

Step-by-step Guide 

  1. Navigate to the Administration tab in the upper right corner of your QBank
  2. Click on Properties in the left panel
  3.  Click on Add new
  4. Name you property
  5. Choose property type (Keywords, tex, List, Dropdown etc)
  6. Enter a system name (mainly used when accessing properties using our API)
  7. Choose Property behavior (I always click the Link checkbox).  
  8. Describe the property
  9. Will de property be mandatory? This setting are used when you have required tagging
  10. Create you property


Your created property ends up in this list. Find it in the list and click on Add.

Add it to the property set it belong to.