How to set up a new Property Set in QBank

To add properties into a Property Set makes your daily work in QBank easier. The meta data will be much more structured, thats for shore.

NOTE: For Administrators only

The Image example below shows 3 property set (ImagesClient/customer/product/project and Asset rights and usage). 

The property set Asset rights and usage might be useful not only in Images, but also in Videos, Documents etc. 


Step-by-step Guide 

  1. Navigate to the Administration tab in the upper right corner of your QBank
  2. Click on Properties in the left panel
  3. Click on Create new
  4. Name you new Property set
  5. Add existing properties from the list or Add new ones if they are missing in the list. 
  6. Click on Create Property Set Button (green button)
  7. Link the Property set to Media Object Type