How to get suggested keywords for Video through the AI feature

The functionalities that this module provides are of great support especially if you are working with a large volume of videos. QBank analyzes your video for suggested keywords that match the visual elements of the video.

IMPORTANT: This is and Addon in QBank, Please contact your sales representative if you would like to get more information about the feature.

Step-by-step guide:

1. Click on your approved video in the QBank Library and open up the single view.

2. Click on Suggest keywords in the panel above in your QBank


3. You can choose between Suggest labels AND subtitles or Only suggest labels. 


4. To find the Keywords click again on this symbol. Choose the keywords you like to add and what property you would like to save them within (select keywords property to the left). 


5. To see the subtitles, if you have chosen Suggest labels AND subtitels, play you video in the detail view. 

6. If you need to edit your subtitles, visit this guide.


At your service you also have a QBank feature for bulk tagging assets, that is great in combination with the video keyword suggestion tool. From the suggested keywords list you can add your “new” keywords straight to chosen property.

You can tailor your property list to fit your needs. Also, you can change how high the percentage of a match your suggested keywords should have. Using higher percentage keywords will likely give you a list of better quality.