How to create a square image template

Square images is a quite common format used i Social Media and other publishing channels. The format is overall quite commonly used and here we will guide you through the commands to use.

Scenario: Your original image has the dimensions of 4290px × 2800 px (3:2) and your mission is to create a published images with following size: 600 × 600 (a square Image)


    1. Create your Image Template
    2. Configure the Resize Command with below
  • Provide width and height as 600 × 600
  • Enable Proportional Scaling by clicking Proportional checkbox YES
  • Enable Overflow by clicking Overflow checkbox YES


The proportional resize image will be: 919 × 600 

3. Enable the Crop Command on your template.

  • Open up your image template and scroll down to Add Commend
  • Choose and add Crop Crop Command


  • Provide the width and height as 600 × 600
  • Choose the Gravity (as center). The cropping will start from the center of the image
  • (Choose ‘YES’ for ‘Use Crop Point’ if you want to override the cropping by manually choosing the Focus Point)

The cropped image will be: 600px × 600px with the content cropped


NOTE: If you don’t want to crop the content of the image, you can choose ‘Allow overflow = NO’ in the Resize Command. In that case, the content will not overflow and the image will be scaled proportionally.