How do I set up an image template for transparent png?

This article gives a guide on commands you can use when creating a transparent png template.

The transparent png template is for instance very good to use for logotype and icons.

NOTE: For Administrators only

To create an Image Template you need access to the “Administration Tab”.

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Administration tab in the upper right corner of your QBank
  2. Click on Template in Left Panel 
  3. Click on Image
  4. Click on Add template



5. Name your template - I will name my template "For screen use PNG (dpi 150)"

6. You can customize the template in any way you like with the provided options to the right called Mimetype - image/png - or simply choose the “Shortcuts” below by. If you are a newbie on image template configuration, the Transparent PNG config is a good start. Try to click that one. 


7. If you didn't use Shortcuts: Transparent PNG, in this step you will need to write transparent manually in Color, you can't choose transparent in the color picker.