How to create a folder in QBank

folders are a great way to structure your assets i QBank. Folders can also be restricted to groups and users and therefore can be used make QBank even simpler to use for the whole organization.

Folders can be created in different ways, this article will help you get started

How you create a folder from the Library

Sometimes you want to create a folder by a group of assets uploaded or selected then follow theses steps:

  1. Select the media/medias you want to create a folder for
  2. Click on the Add to folder icon 
  3. Choose Create and then fill in the metadata
  4. Click on the Create & Add button


Screenshot_2021-01-28_at_14.28.33.png.     Screenshot_2021-01-28_at_14.30.45.png


How you create a folder from the Left Panel

Ypu can also create a folder directly from the Left Panel, Folders.

  1. Click on the down-arrow beside the folder icon (located to the left)
  2. Choose New folder
  3. Name the folder
  4. If you want to add access or filter to a folder you right-click on it and then choose Edit
  5. When you’re done, click on save or save & close


You can also build a deeper structure by adding subfolder. you create a subfolder just by right-clicking on a folder and then choose Create subfolder.

Manage access levels on folders

You can add access levels to folders to better structure the views for your users, when creating a folder or editing one. Access can be set on group or user level. 

Screenshot 2022-12-27 at 14.01.58


An option to standard folders are Search folders that are created by saving filter searches.