Guide: Manage access rights for assets in QBank

Access limitations can be administered from a multitude of places in QBank and be used to control many parts such as media, folders and moodboards. It is even possible to enable/disable parts of the user interface as needed. 

This article will give you an introduction to what different ways QBank offers you to manage access rights. Setting different access rights to assets, folders and / or moodboard makes QBank a very robust tool for your whole organization. 

Access rights on media

The standard way to control access to media is to set up ground rules using groups and categories. In the accounts administration the category access can be set from the "Access" tab for a group. The access is granular and and can individually determine whether members of the group can view, add, edit or delete content.

Access can be specialized by overriding the group access by setting the access on the user level. A users access to media in a category is determined by the combination of the access inherited from the groups a user is member of and the access set for the user itself.

To further specialize access it is possible to set access for individual media. The access to a media is determined by the combination of access set for the category it belongs to and the access set for the media itself. To set the access for a specific media, find it in the library and select it. Open the media access dialog from the toolbar and enter the desired access for groups and users.

Access rights on folders

To set access for folders open the edit folder dialog. Under the access tab it is possible to set which groups and users who should have access to the folder. If it is desired to set the same access to all folders beneath the selected, there exists a checkbox to set the access for all sub-folders at the bottom of the tab. You may have to scroll down a bit.

As with media the access is determined by a combination of the access of a users membership in groups as well as the access set for the user specifically.

When creating a folder the access is set to the same as the creating users group-memberships as well as full access to the creating user.

Access rights on moodboards

As with folders, access for moodboards is set from the edit moodboard dialog under the "Access" tab. The dialog works exactly the same with the exception of no checkbox for sub-moodboards as that is not possible.

Access to the user interface

Which user interface components that are available is controlled by the functionalities named GUI*. These are set for roles that in turn are connected to groups. It is therefore recommended to set up a couple of relevant roles and only connect those needed to the groups which should have the specific parts of the user interface enabled.