Create a new user account in QBank

You might want to add a new colleague to your QBank Backend.

IMPORTANT: You need to have an administer role to create new users in QBank

Follow these steps to create a new User in QBank

  1. Login to your QBank and click on the “Administration” tab
  2. Navigate to the left menu and click on, Accounts > Users
  3. Click on Add new 




Fill in the fields shown above

A. Username*: This field is mandatory, since the username is used while it's time to login to QBank. We usually use the e-mail address as a username, it is easy to remember. For example; Username*:

B. E-mail*:

C. First Name*: Anna

D. Last name*: Andersson

E. Start date: Will be the data the account starts

F. End date: Can be set if you want to give access a limit time

G. Notes: Can be used if you need to write down more information about this user. 

H. User type: QBank (if QBank user) 

I. Contact information

J. Groups: This one is important. If you don't select a group the user will not get any access to QBank at all. So please add the user to a group (Admin or Editor for example). And click on Add after you have selected a group. 


K. Set password: You can choose to set a password manually or you can let the user set the password themselves by sending out an invite.  The user will receive an email on how to set their password. That link is valid for 24 hours.

--> Click Create 

Sometimes the user forgets to activate the account, Here we describe how they can receive a new activation link. And if a user forgets their password you can read here how you can help your colleague reset or get a new password.