Using the Browser connector

The QBank Connector for chrome and Edge allow you to easily access published and approved assets directly from the browser and use in your web applications.

How to use the Browser Connector

You can use the QBank connector in two different ways, by drag and drop or via sharing a a link of the assets to be used. 

Insert QBank Assets Via Drag and Drop

  1. To use the QBank asset/media in your browser applications, you can simple drag and drop the asset into your browser application e.g Gmail, Microsoft Outlook online or Google Document and it will insert the asset into your Email or document.
  2. To choose a different format, you can click on the 'Change Template' icon and select your desired template from the context menu as shown in the following screenshot. The connector will fetch the asset in the required template and update the preview image.

    Screenshot_2022-05-24_at_16.04.08.png          Screenshot_2022-05-24_at_16.06.29.png   

Insert QBank Assets Via Copy Link

You can also insert the asset via Copy Link. For instance, you can copy the link in your LinkedIn post and LinkedIn will automatically fetch the image and add it to Post.

  1. To Insert via copy link, you can click on the 'Copy link' Icon and provide the details like your name and Email. (These details are required for keeping track of usage of the selected asset).  

  2. Go to your browser application and paste the link.