Get a better understanding of the Property behaviour options

When creating Property Sets and properties for your metadata structure you get an option to choose the behaviour of the property.

All properties can behave in different ways depending on the expected purpose of the property. Sometime you might not want anyone to be able to edit your property as the data is collected from an other system, With for example Lists or keywords you might want to create a link of the property too much easier find similar assets. We have listsed the property behaviours you can choose from below and given a short description of when they can be used.

Read only: Used by integrations and plugins. For example: PIM system ID to show the pairing between systems has succeeded. Values can be set programatically but not by the user through the interface.

Hidden: Same as above, mostly used by integrations and plugins to store data for individual assets, that the user shouldn't be bothered by. Hidden is used when the data is of no use to the editors, and will also usually be "read only" as well.

Link: Values in this property can be clicked and QBank will perform a search for media that have the same value in that property.

Ignore in suggestion: Mostly relevant for keyword/dropdown fields. Keywords & dropdown values are suggested when doing a search for example. Sometimes data is stored in these properties that aren't relevant for search, for example product numbers. Ignoring these types of non-relevant data makes the search input easier to use.