Supported file formats in QBank

QBank can be used to store all kinds of digital files, regardless of its format. However images, videos, documents and some other formats get a bit extra functionality such as thumbnails and template support during publishing.

QBank support all kinds of digital file types and can be used to store all files regardless of formats. Good to have in mind when thinking of what files to store in QBank is the purpose of distribution and/or collaboration, as storage is a driving factor of the pricing. 

File formats for Images 

QBank support all kinds of file formats for images but only some of them can be handled  as templates during publishing. 

QBank can store following image types 

  • Delivery formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP
  • HDR raster formats such as HEIF and AVIF
  • Authoring / Interchange formats such as TIFF and BMP
  • Vector formats such as SVG, supporting both 2D formats and 3D formats
  • Compound formats such as PDF and EPS

In Templates following mime types can me created: 

  • Jpeg - 
  • Gif
  • Tiff 
  • WebP  
  • Png
  • Avif

The Image templates can be formatted through different commands. Learn more about the different Images filetypes and when to use what here.

File formats for documents

You can store all kinds of document file types in QBank, such as Word, power point but also xml, json and of course pdf. 

QBank offers a possibility to format application types such as Word, powerpoint, xml, json etc and Text formats such as x-readme, txt, html etc

File formats for Video

You can also store all kinds of video file types in QBank. But also create templates for formatting following mime types:

  • mpeg
  • mp4
  • avi
  • quicktime
  • x-flv
  • x-ms.wmv
  • x-msvideo
  • x-ms-asf
  • dv
  • 3gpp
  • x-matroska
  • webm

The video templates can be formatted through different commands. For exaple one can through the formatting add commands of intro and outro, as well as adding your logo on the video. 

File formats for audio

Last type of content QBank offers formatting of is Audio, following mimetypes can be created:

  • x-wav
  • mpeg
  • x-riff
  • x-aiff
  • mpr
  • opus
  • x-pn-realaudio
  • aiff
  • aac
  • ogg
  • flac
  • mp4
  • mpeg3
  • wav
  • x-ms-wma

The audio templates can be formatted through different commands such as Bitrate, Codec and Sampling frequency.