Summary of February releases

February saw significant enhancements and bug fixes in QBank, including a key update to our consent management feature and various fixes improving functionality and user experience.

New Enhancements to our consent feature:

We continue to improve the usability to our consent feature with further functionality

  • Consent on paper: A significant improvement to our consent feature, QBank now allows users to upload a scanned paper with signed consent to a consent person. This functionality enables the use of both physical consent forms alongside the digital managed in QBank, streamlining the consent management process within QBank and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

InDesign 2024 Connector Update:

  • After overcoming some challenges, we are excited to announce the release of the latest connector version for InDesign - InDesign 2024. To get hold of the most up-to-date installation files, please reach out to our support team.

We have also Resolved some general Issues:

We have addressed a number of issues reported by our customers, further improving the stability and usability of QBank:

  • UI Improvements: Version 5.9.0 brings a fix for an issue where a long title prevented users from removing it as a related asset due to the "X" button not being displayed. This fix improves the user interface, making it easier to manage assets.

  • Related Media and Thumbnails: We have fixed an issue in version 5.9.0 where related media without a thumbnail displayed the wrong version, enhancing the accuracy of asset management.

  • SVG Template Publishing: The 5.10.0 update resolves a problem where the wrong template was sometimes applied when publishing SVG files, ensuring that the correct templates are used consistently.

  • Multi-Editing Functionality: We've corrected an issue in version 5.10.0 where appending number properties during multi-editing was not working as intended, improving the efficiency of bulk asset management.

  • Consent Media Picker: The 5.10.0 release also includes a fix for the consent media picker, which previously showed a maximum of 50 assets. This improvement ensures that users can access a broader range of assets for image upload.

  • PSD File Conversion: Finally, we have fixed an issue in version 5.10.0 where PSD files were not being converted to JPG when published to the mediaportal, enhancing the publishing process and asset compatibility.

Link to our external release reports included in this summary:

What´s up next? 

Upcoming Features: What to Expect in our Future Releases:

  • We are working on some enhancements with our recently released Office connector that will make the distribution even better.
  • We will continue to enhance our consent feature with a possibility to brand the landing page when requesting consent.
  • Release Notes will also soon be available. Starting from January, we have started to collect release notes for our releases. These release notes will include the stories that were delivered during the last release, together with any bugs that might have been resolved during the sprint. We plan to enable the release notes in your QBank in the Dashboard as a Widget - Release notes. If you are interested in getting the latest release notes before that, contact our support.