Summary of May releases

In May, we continued the development of our consent feature, along with enhancements to the UI and administrative functionality.

We continue to improve the consent feature

This month we have continued to focus on the administrative side of the consent feature focusing on enhancements in managing the consent feature.

  • Consent Status Search: Introduced the ability to search for consent records based on their status, specifically whether they have a value or no value.
  • Language Settings: Added options to set the language of consent landing pages and emails to either English or Swedish.
  • Expiry Date Configuration: The expiry date for consent is now determined by the legal term configuration and the date when the individual visits the QR-code consent landing page.

UI enhancements in the system

Previously, working with hierarchical properties was presented in a less user-friendly manner, lacking sufficient space to display the data effectively. We have expanded the area dedicated to presenting hierarchical properties, allowing for a more user-friendly display of text.

UI enhancements in the system

Furthermore, we have enhanced the user uploading functionality in QBank. When creating a user in QBank, you have the option to select a user type - QBank or frontend, to differentiate between the various user types managed by the backend. However, this distinction was not available when using the upload by Excel feature, resulting in all uploaded users being categorized as QBank user type without the ability to determine their respective roles.

Now, we have included this option in the Excel template. If no selection is made in the column during upload, the default user type will be set to QBank.


More detailed release notes can be found here:

What´s up next? 

Upcoming Features: What to Expect in our Future Releases:

  • We are currently enhancing the media optimization functionality, with a focus on utilizing the focal point from QBank for cropping assets. Additionally, in Phase 3, we will explore the management of videos within the optimizer tool.
  • We will continue to do small UI/UX changes going forward. 
  • We will be looking into adding logic to the property creation. For example, letting you show values in one property based on what you have selected in an other.
  • We will also look into how we can improve the staging environments making it easier to copy settings between QBanks. 
  • And of course we continue to develop the consent feature, with more functionalities.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continue to improve QBank, ensuring it remains the go-to solution for digital asset management.