Speed up with Hot Keys

When you start to get a grip on the QBank tool you might want to speed up your way of working. We have built in a couple of Hot Keys why not test them out!

  • CMD/CTRL + A – Select all media in the current search result
  • CMD/CTRL + Left click media - Add/remove a media from selection
  • SHIFT + Left click media - Add/remove all media between a selection and a media
  • CMD/CTRL + 1-10 - Navigate between available tabs
  • B - Add selected media to the media box
  • D – Download selected media
  • E – Edit selected media
  • F – Add selected media to folders
  • G – Group selected media
  • M – Add selected media to Moodboard
  • P – Publish selected media
  • S – Place focus in the search field
  • Space - Open preview for selected media
  • Space – Scroll down the search result (if no media selected)