Single vs Multiple Choice Hierarchical Properties

Hierarchical properties are great to use f you want to add metadata with an hierarchical structure. QBank supports both singel and Multiple choice hierarchical properties. Learn the difference and how they work

Hierarchical properties are great to use when you for example want to tag a location with sever subareas. 

In QBank you can choose between Single choice and Multiple Choice for your Hierarchical Properties. 


To Swith between single or multiple choice a hierarchical property you simply check a box or not:

- Tick the box if you want to allow users to select several tags within the property.

- Untick the box if you want the users to only have one single choice within the property.

NOTE: Each new property is set by default to "single choice" upon creation, so make sure to verify that the Multiple Choice option is ticked when needed. 

You can switch from single > multiple without the risk of losing any tags,

IMPORTANT: Switching from multiple > single is potentially dangerous, since any media that had been tagged with multiple values will lose all but one value if that asset is saved again (after the property is set to single value).


If you want to change your hierarchical property from Single to multiple or vice versa follow these steps: 

1: Click on your administration tab


2: Under Properties, select the Property set including your Hierarchical Property


In my example it's the "Test property Multichoice" Property Set

3: Select the Property with the  Hierarchical Type within your Property Set


4: On the right side of your window, you'll find the info tab of your given property

with the property type "Hierarchical" selected:


As you can see on the screenshot the "Multiple Choice" option is showing under the Hierarchical Property, make sure to tick that box when needed and untick it if you only want one single choice possible.