Save time by copying an existing template

When creating templates, you might need one with just minor differences. In those cases, the Copy template function will come well in handy

Often you might need to create a few variants with just minor differences in resolution for example. In those cases, you can copy an existing from your QBank, or in case you have multiple QBank instances, between them!

This is also useful if you want to modify an existing template and make some tests before you finally remove the actual template and replace it with the new one. 

How you copy an existing template: 

  1. Go to Administration >> Templates
  2. Select any type of template that you would like to copy
  3. Click on the Copy template button
  4. Add a new template (of the same type as you copied)
  5. Name your new template and then click on "Import template" 
  6. All the commands will be pasted, press Create to save the new template.
  7. Start adding/editing your potential changes and save the template.