Resizing and Cropping Images - Do you know the difference?

Once you've added an image template to your Qbank Backend you might need to tweak the settings. Instead of only resizing your image, you need to crop it as well (to fit in better).

This article will explain the difference between resizing and cropping images and how to add crop to your QBank templates.


Resizing is used to bring down the size of the entire image. It effectively bringing down the actual size (MB) of the image to allow it to be uploaded to your PPT, Newsletter or the Internet etc.

It involves making a picture “weigh” less. None of the image is lost, but everything is smaller.

When you add a new download template to your QBank Backend, the Resize are default in the template settings.


Cropping is used to ensure the image fitting a certain dimension (or when you need to refocus the image). The new size is different and you only get a part of the original image.
It considers a rectangular window and extract this area of the image.

TIP: Resize should always be done first, then crop if it is necessary. We always want to keep the image dimensions and image hierarchy in mind when cropping.

How can this be applied to your template? 

Imagine you resized image is 700px by 850 px, but it needs to be 700px by 700 px sharp. 

In this case, we need to crop the image and add crop feature to you QBank Image template. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Administration tab in the upper right corner of your QBank
  2. Click on Template in Left Panel 
  3. Click on Image
  4. Click on the template that needs cropping
  5. Enable the Crop Command on your template.

    • Open up your image template and scroll down to Add Commend
    • Choose and add Crop Crop Command


    • Provide the width and height as 700 × 700
    • Choose the Gravity (as center). The cropping will start from the center of the image
    • (Choose ‘YES’ for ‘Use Crop Point’ if you want to override the cropping by manually choosing the Focus Point)

6. Save your changes. 

The cropped image will be: 700px × 700px with the content cropped