QBank integration with Brandwatch (prev. Falcon)

Brandwatch is a danish Social Media Tool supporting your processes for publishing and analysing performance, While QBank is a DAM. But together they make a very strong machinery for streamlined communication.

At QBank, we want to focus on building a great DAM. While we have added basic publishing tools towards the most popular social media (read more), there's no way to keep up with API changes, platform possibilities, and customer requirements without making it a full time job. That's why we find partners to integrate and work with in areas such as this, and in the social media realm, there's no greater partner than the danish Brandwatch! (prev. Falcon.io)

Brandwatch offers a service for social media managers designed to streamline the publishing process, regardless of social media channels. It collects and compiles statistics and feedback from all kinds of channels into the platform, giving you a single platform for publishing, managing campaigns, monitoring and analyzing performance.

Find out more about Brandwatch at their website! 

So, instead of publishing to each individual social media channel directly from QBank, you instead publish the media to the Brandwatch equivalent of our library. From there, you distribute the media accordingly. 

- But wait, you mean we need two services just to get our images out there?!
The justification for this extra step and service is the enormous possibilities that are enabled through the integration of our two platforms. Sometimes 1+1 equals more than 2. QBank is not a social media platform and never will be, likewise, Brandwatch is not a DAM. Maybe you're a Brandwatch customer today and you're exploring everything that is to be gained by making QBank the media source of your existing Brandwatch installation!

Our integration with Brandwatch

From the Brandwatch, you retrieve an API-key for the account you wish to set up a connection for. A corresponding publish site is created in QBank and appears under the publishing sites tab. Of course, if you have multiple Falcon.io accounts (maybe different brands or countries), you can set up separate connections for each channel.

As soon as you have the channels set up, you can start publishing to the Falcon.io equivalent of our library. From now on, the media are synced between the systems. QBank will retrieve interesting statistics from Falcon.io, like views, downloads and comments, while Falcon.io takes media titles, properties, and responds to new file versions and updates in QBank. As usual, you can send the media in a specific template when publishing to Falcon.io, so you don't have to worry about converting .TIFF or .EPS files to the appropriate format yourself.

In addition to publishing directly to the "stock pool" as it is called in Brandwatch we've also attached to their campaigns tool. For each channel, you can synchronize current running campaigns in the Brandwatch calendar, or create a new campaign from QBank. Publishing directly to a campaign will send notifications to the responsible team members, and the asset is immediately ready for use through Brandwatch in an appropriate format.

In the media detail view, you'll find all campaigns an asset is currently active in, as well as information about any social channels that the media has been published to through Brandwatch!