Map embedded metadata to QBank Property fields

Your files might have embedded metadata. If so, why not use the data mapping feature in your QBank, where you can map metadata directly to you QBank properties.

Images can contain embedded meta data such as ExifIPTC and XMP. This meta data is populated by photographers or other creators. The data can often be valuable in the asset management perspective and may map directly to your official properties. QBank allows for automatic mapping from embedded meta data to properties, simplifying your data entry work.

You may create several sets, each defining one or more mappings from embedded meta data to properties. A set consists of name, comment, mappings and restrictions.

Used to identify the set. Usually conveying the purpose of the set.

For when the name isn't enough to define the set. Can contain any length of text.

This is where the mappings from the files embedded meta data to the properties in QBank is made. The left column defines the embedded meta data and the right the respective QBank property. The embedded meta data should be defined on the format SECTION:KEY; e.g. EXIF:Artist.

Group restriction
Optional! The set will only be applied to files uploaded by members in the selected groups. If no group is selected the set will not be restricted by which user is uploading.

Saved search restriction
Optional! The set will only be applied to media that matches the saved search. This can be used to restrict a set to only specific media e.g. in a specific category or of a certain file type.

Example of embedded metadata:

  • Photo date and time automatically added by a digital camera
  • Geodata - latitude and longitude - exact location where the image was taken
  • Keywords and image descriptions added by a photographer in Lightroom or Photoshop
  • Information written to a file when it is created or saved in Adobe software and similar
  • Name of a document author embedded in the file by MS Office

NOTE: You need to be a administrator to setup data mapping in QBank

How to get started mapping you embedded metadata

Under the administrator Tab and data mapping you can map any existing metadata values to the QBank properties fields where you want to store them.

  1. Click on Admin Tab
  2. Click on Data Mapping / Embedded in QBank left column
  3. Click on Add New
  4. Name your Data Mapping set
  5. Start mapping your data. In the left column you find the properties you want to map your metadata to
  6. Adding variants might be necessary. Look at the example below. To add more than one, click on add New mapping button

  7. Add the access groups (Admin, Editor)

  8. Click create 


TIP: Don't hesitate to contact us through support if you need assistance with your data mapping.