Managing the Image dimensions (width x flexible height)

How to set up an image template with a fixed width and a flexible height that will cover 100% height of the original image in proportion.

 It is quite common you would like to present images showing the image full-height naturally disregarding portrait or landscape.

Imagine this: Your original image has the dimensions of 1440 x 1800px and your mission is to create published images with the following size: 500 (maximum width) × 625 (100% full height in proportion) 


  1. Create your Image Template
  2. Configure the Resize Command with below
  • Provide width and height as 500 × 10000
  • Enable Proportional Scaling by clicking Proportional checkbox YES
  • Enable Overflow by clicking Overflow checkbox NO
  • Scale up NO


Basically, it remains the image form proportionally.