Improve your image templates by adding a focus point

When you are using an image template that is resizing and then re-cropping an image, you may consider the option to set a focus point manually on your image.

NOTE: This function is available in our Advanced Package. But it can also be added to your QBank as a stand alone feature. If you are interested by this feature, make sure to contact for more information regarding its pricing. 

How is the Focal point feature working? 

To illustrate the function, I am using this image: 


What if I would like to manually focus on the egg located on the left of this image and crop my image accordingly? 

Perhaps, you've seen the function "View points of interest" when hovering on an asset


How the feature is used:

  1. Tick the box "View point of interest
  2. Left-click twice on the focus point you would like to select

  3. Click on "Use as focus point"
  4. Click Add and you shall see
  5. Now go to your Administration/ Template / Image template that is concerned/ 


    And within the Crop command, make sure that "Yes" is selected for the Use crop point: 
    You can now download your image with the chosen Image template you've edited, and here comes the result with our example:



IMPORTANT: Within your image template, Make sure that the Crop command is used at the very end of your chain.

Here you can have a look at the settings of my Image Template, for this example: