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Image template: rotate command

Learn how to enhance your images using the rotate command in this article on image processing commands.

The "rotate" command is a function in image manipulation software that allows you to rotate an image clockwise by a specific angle. This command is useful when you need to adjust the orientation of an image, such as when the image was captured in the wrong orientation or when you want to create a unique artistic effect.

When using the "rotate" command, you can specify the angle of rotation using the appropriate parameters. The angle can be positive or negative, and it is specified in degrees. For example, if you want to rotate the image by 90 degrees, you would enter "90" as the rotation angle.

NOTE: It's important to note that rotating an image can affect its quality, especially if the angle of rotation is significant.

Overall, the "rotate" command is a useful tool for adjusting the orientation of an image, with various configuration options that allow for greater control over the output image.