How you import users into QBank

When there is a need to add multiple users in your QBank simultaneously, individually adding them can be time-consuming. This article explains the process of importing users instead.

The manual process of adding new users in QBank can be extremely time-consuming, particularly when dealing with tens, hundreds, or even thousands of users that need to be added based on various requirements.

In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to efficiently import users into your QBank system.

NOTE: You need to be an administrator in QBank to be able to perform the import of users. 

Step by step guide on how to import users in QBank:

  1. In the Administrator Tab - find Accounts and Users
  2. On the top right corner of the users you have a meny button, click the menu button and choose "Import users from excel file". 


  3. You now have the option to upload an Excel file containing your users. To assist you in this process, we have included a downloadable template to guide you. Start by downloading that one to understand the structure needed for the upload. 


    NOTE 1: If you have several groups a user should belong to, make sure to add them in the following format, "100, 101, 102". The import will not work without the comma + the space added between the groups. 

    NOTE 2: The Group ID's can be found in the list of groups under Account - groups, It´s the ID listed on the right beside the Name of the group. 

    NOTE 3: You can leave information like start date, expire date, phone, cell and address empty upon upload if needed, only the columns in Bold are mandatory. 

  4. Once you have finished uploading the Excel file to QBank, remember to review the remaining configurations that can be done with the upload.
    1. You have the option to redirect users to a selected URL, which is particularly useful for frontend users who only need to log in to your frontend.
    2. Would you like our users to receive a welcome message? If this option is unchecked, users will not receive a welcome message. In this case, access to QBank will require a password reset by an administrator or through the login page. 
    3. Do you prefer users to receive a randomly generated password or to choose one themselves? The last checkbox provides you with the option to control how they set their password.

  5. When you are done click the Run Import button. 

If you encounter an error 

If an error occurs during the import process, a detailed list will be displayed on the page, providing explanations on why certain fields were not populated correctly.

Some common import misstakes:

  • Username - The user name can not include space or any special characters, Only alphanumeric characters, dash, dot, underscore and @  are allowed.
  • Groups - The groups listed are not listed in the right format, it is important to separate the groups not only with an comma but also a space after the comma.