How to use the Image Tool to edit your assets in QBank

Somtimes you might want to do some small editing of images without needing to leave Qbank. The Image tool offers some simpler editing functions that easily can be used within QBank.

By using the image tool you can do basic image editing (such as resizing, cropping etc) without leaving QBank. 

STEP-BY-STEP Guide to use Image Tool

  1. Double click on the media you want to edit, to open up the detail view
  2. Click on the image tool button ()


     3. Start editing you original image by applying a cropping template or place an image etc



     4. Save as (choose new version*new media or download)

*When you save the image as New media it will automatically be grouped (you will get two versions of the image that is shown in the same group).

You are also able to change file type, quality, resolution.