How to Upload files to QBank

Uploading assets into QBank is made easy. QBank offers several ways to do this. This article covers the two basic ways you yourself can manage upload.

Uploading assets into QBank is a simple process that editors and administrators can manage. QBank offers two ways to do this; with drag-and-drop or by browsing your files on your computer. But QBank also offer other ways for uploading not covered in this article, Upload through Moodboards and upload through integrations. 

You can watch a tutorial in the Video or follow the steps below:

How you upload through drag-and-drop

  • Grab a file or a set of multiple files on your computer and just drag-and-drop it to the QBank.
  • Choose category.
  • Set the metadata properties.
  • Save properties and start uploading the media.

How you upload through browsing:

  • Click on the upload tab in the panel (upper right corner)
  • Browse for the file or files you want to upload.
  • Choose category.
  • Set the metadata properties.
  • Save properties and start uploading the media.





You can pre-tag your assets by filling out the metadata form. To initiate the actual upload, click "Start upload". The system will display an upload progress for each asset, and give you a number of options once the transfer has finished.



After you uploaded your media, your assets will be stored under the tab Uploaded if no other option was selected. Read more about what the different options mean here

You can index the media, add it to folders or moodboards, as well as managing the media access. However first when the media is approve, it will be moved to the library and the deploy feature is unlocked.


Description of Options

Add to folders

To add your uploaded assets to one or multiple folders using a folder picker.

Add to moodboards
Shows a moodboard picker to immediately make assets available in a moodboard.

Approve & Deploy
Approve and distribute uploaded assets to a publishing site directly (frontend, CMS etc.)

View media
Display the uploaded assets.

Upload more files
Continue uploading additional assets.