How to update property values and move values between properties

Instead of using multiple edit to update property values for a large set of media, it is possible to edit all values for keyword/list properties through their respective configuration page.

Some common use-cases when using this feature instead of multiple edit are;

  • Merging differently spelled keywords, or different keywords that have the same meaning
  • Moving keyword values from a keyword property into a fixed-value property
  • Moving selectable (and already tagged) values from one fixed-value property to another

The property value edit tools can be found for a respective property via Administration > Properties > [PropertySet] > [Property] > Tags. Click "Load tags" to find all current values for the selected property. Depending on the amount of values present for the property, you may have to use the search tool instead of browsing directly in the list.

Replacing and removing values

To replace one or many values with another set of values, start by selecting the values you want to replace, then enter the values you wish to replace them with, and click "Replace". You will be prompted to confirm the edit before it is performed. Note that this action is not reversable, so take great care to double check your edit before confirming it!

If you want to remove values completely instead of replacing them with another value, simply leave the "replace" input empty and click "Replace".

Moving values to another property

To move values into another property of "list/dropdown" type, first select the values you wish to move, then select the destination property in the list.

You will be prompted to confirm the action before performing it. Some things to note when moving values between properties:

  • The media tagged with the values being moved, will need to have the destination property connected in order to maintain the values. If the media only have the "current" property but not the destination property connected, the values will be lost for those media!
  • When moving values between lists/dropdowns, the values will also be updated in the corresponding selectable pools. So the value which was moved from property 1 will no longer be selectable there, but instead now selectable in property 2.