I can't get transparency in my TIFF file?

TIFF files is a very appreciated format since it will save the premium high-quality of your pictures, but to be able to get transparency in the file you need to add that when saving your TIFF fil

Using TIFF files for your originals in QBank is a great way to have a good quality on your files, However, the drawback with TIFF files is that Transparency may not be saved properly, as opposed to the .psd Photoshop Format that automatically saves transparency.

With TIFF files you have to check Save Transparency in the Save As TIFF Options dialog. Follow these steps to secure you get the Transparency option with you in your TIFF files before using them for fortmatting in QBank:

  1. Save your document as TIFF format
  2. In this dialog below click on Save Transparency
  3. Press ok and you have a TIFF file with saved transparency