How to publish and unpublish Media in QBank

You can via QBank publish assets directly to integrated publishing channels such as Mediaportals, CMS integrations etc.

There are two ways you can publish media. With Drag-and-drop or via the publish button.

Publishing media in QBank

Using the Drag-and-drop functionality:

  1. Click on the Publish sites icon to the left
  2. Select the media that you want to publish
  3. Drag-and-drop it to the place in the list under the Publish icon where you want to publish your media


 Via the Publish-button

  1. Select the media that you want to publish
  2. Click on the Publish icon in the upper right corner
  3. Choose the Publishing site in the list where you want to publish your media
  4. Press Add



Unpublish media

If you want to withdraw media from an external server you need to unpublish the file first.

  1. Select the media you want to unpublish
  2. Click on the Unpublish icon
  3. Choose the publishing site in the list where you want to unpublish your media
  4. Press Unpublish



After you have published/unpublished media you might sometimes need to empty your browser cache or force refresh your browser.

NOTE: It can take some time for your media to get published as they will be put in a job queue on our servers.

Add filters to your publishing channels

You can also restrict publishing via using filters on the publishing channels. Filters are baed on the metadata addede to the assets and the asset need to meet the requirements of the added filter to be allowed for publishing. This can for example be used with Security properties, such as permissions of use. 

In the publishing channel settings under the administrator Tab, add a filter and the data fulfilment the published assets need to meet. 

NOTE: you need to be an administrator to be able to add the publishing channel filter.